Monday, July 30, 2012


Sweet girls with Look-A-Like dolls that love the things they love, too!
Ballerina with BUN!

Ballerina and Soccer Star
These sweet girls received dolls as a gift from their Grandma.  The Ballerina was a challenge, but she turned out so sweet and pretty!  She has a bun in her hair, ballet slippers, and a matching tutu and leotard! She also wears glasses, since the girl she was made for also wears glasses.  The glasses are removable, too. The other doll is a soccer player, similar to the one I made for Billie~ which was the first doll I ever made.  I am in love with these dolls!  Billie fell in love with the ballerina, so I will be making her one of those soon.   In the works at JC Stitches now: UT Vol gear!! Dresses, tunics, dolls, burp clothes, and more!  I hope to get some completed and up on the blog this week, so check back later for that. 

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