Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ruffle Tier Skirt

Two Tiers of Coordinating Fabric

I think this is perfect for fall and even UT events

Summery here but add a long sleeve and boots and it's seasonal!

A little longer, hits just below the knee but you can have it any length you want

To order send me an email to
These skirts are simple and comfy but so cute! I absolutely love this orange and chocolate fabric, too.  Skirts available size 6 months up, but I will need some measurements from you to get it just right. (Don't worry, they are simple to get)  Just send me an email and I will let you know what I need.  Ruffle Tier Skirts ~ $20 each

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


UT Polka Dots with a Sweet Ruffle Hem and a satin Bow Tie

UT Orange w/White Polka Dots

Soft Satin Bow Tie

Perfect for Game Day!  

Now Available and perfect for game day UT dresses!  This one is orange with white polka dots, matching ruffle hem, and a beautiful satin bow to top it off.  I will take a picture of Harper in this dress tomorrow, since it is 12:42 and she might object to me putting it on her now! I just couldn't wait to get some pictures of it up on the blog.  More more UT stuff! So excited about this stuff!  It's so cute! Dress $35 plus shipping (but if you are in the area I will deliver it to you free of charge!) Send me an email at or post a comment on FB.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruffle Pillow Case Dress

Ruffle Pillow Case Dress with Material Tie

Very Cute and Patriotic - Red, White, and Blue

Close up of the red

Blue with silver stars

Tie is made from ruffle material instead of using ribbon- makes it softer and more comfy!

I am very excited to add a twist to my pillow case dresses - the girly ruffle to the bottom and coordinating tie made from the same material.  This one is red, white, and blue but still very girly! It is longer than the regular pillow case dress, too.  This one is size 18 months but I can make it in any size from 6 months to 12 Girls. $35 each plus shipping UT Ruffle Pillow Case Dress coming hopefully tomorrow!!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Sweet girls with Look-A-Like dolls that love the things they love, too!
Ballerina with BUN!

Ballerina and Soccer Star
These sweet girls received dolls as a gift from their Grandma.  The Ballerina was a challenge, but she turned out so sweet and pretty!  She has a bun in her hair, ballet slippers, and a matching tutu and leotard! She also wears glasses, since the girl she was made for also wears glasses.  The glasses are removable, too. The other doll is a soccer player, similar to the one I made for Billie~ which was the first doll I ever made.  I am in love with these dolls!  Billie fell in love with the ballerina, so I will be making her one of those soon.   In the works at JC Stitches now: UT Vol gear!! Dresses, tunics, dolls, burp clothes, and more!  I hope to get some completed and up on the blog this week, so check back later for that.