Friday, June 8, 2012


She started as a sketch...

And then turned into this adorable, cuddly, and silly Giraffe 

So this is JC the giraffe.  I actually "pinned" a cute giraffe on Pinterest a few weeks ago and that is where I got the idea.  I've been carrying her around in my mind since then, and finally sat down yesterday and sketched her out real quick.  Then this morning I made myself a pattern and found some scratch material, just in case it didn't work out, and JC was born! I absolutely love the way she turned out.  You can get your own JC in any color - girl colors, boy colors, or bright colors - you name it and I will make it for you! She is a softie sort of like the bunnies.  $12 for one or 2 for $20.  Send me an email at to place your order!

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