Thursday, June 7, 2012


Best Friends

Both love soccer and ice cream!

Izzy and Abby

Didn't even want to put her down to clap her hands!
These adorable rag dolls are perfect for little girls to love and take everywhere, like my girls do.  Izzy went to the doctor with Harper today for tests, while Abby went with Billie to Grandma's house over night.

I got the pattern for these precious dolls from Shiny Happy World, Wendi Gratz created them and they are super fun and not very hard to make.  If you have a machine, you can make them.  Just follow her easy and friendly instructions, she even has videos to help you if you don't know or understand something.  The dolls take a full day to make, but they are so much fun to create.  So just hop on over to Shiny Happy World, buy the pattern and then download it, it is that simple (and they are on sale today, too!) The only challenging part is putting the doll together once you have all the arms, head, and legs pinned it gets very tight.  But as long as you take your time you will be just fine.

 If you do not have time or do not want to make one for yourself, I will make them for you! Just let me know hair color, style, and eye color and of course color scheme for the doll (Billie's is in purples and Harper's is pink/green, but I can do any color you request).  I can do high pony tails, low pony tails, or curlz and I can put bows on them or no bows.  Any color skin, too! You dream it up and I will create the perfect rag doll for your little girl. The dolls are all one of a kind, and I created these two to match my girl's features and personalities and I am sure that is why they instantly fell in love with these sweeties. The dolls are $23 a piece or 2 for $40 (plus shipping if you are not local.) Just send me an email with your order to

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