Sunday, June 3, 2012


Welcome to JC Stitches.  I began sewing clothes and dolls for my own children and as shower and birthday gifts to the children of my friends and family.  After many flattering comments and requests, I decided it was time to offer my simple talents to those who might appreciate a hand-crafted doll or dress to give to their own children or as a gift to a child they love.  I wanted to do something that will help others a little (OK, not important help like being a NICU nurse, but still helping) and bring smiles to the faces of children.  I hope you will find something here that will do just that.  The dolls are soft and huggable, and a little whimsical.  They are all different and special because they are hand-made by me, with sweet embroidered noses, eyes, and mouths and with materials hand-picked to be soft, warm, and cuddly! The dresses are so fun and one-of-a-kind, too.  Just tell me the color pallet you want and I will create something just for you.  I will try to honor any request you have if it is at all within my power, so just email me if you do not see something here that you find to be exactly what you were looking for.  Whenever I can, I will also share the link for the pattern so if you would rather make it yourself you will be able to.  Sewing is fun and relaxing and I encourage everyone to give it a try! Keep checking back, I will be adding new items as quickly as I can perfect them!

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