Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help Wanted

I need help, and you can help me! I just want feedback.  I get feedback on my orders, of course, but I want feedback on the blog and the items in general.  What would you like to see more of, less of, what can I create specifically that I haven't even thought of? Would you want other blogs here not just sewing related but recipes or organization or other crafts? Comment here or send me an email to Please really help me, and don't think "someone else will so I won't", I really want to hear from all of you.  And do not be afraid to tell the truth, that is what I want.  I've just been doing this about 3 months and it's time for inventory. And since this is a one-woman show, I can't do this inventory by myself. Thanks in advance!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas T(ree)-Shirts

Christmas Tree Applique! A whimsical hand made tree from beautiful Christmas material with a sweet hand embroidered gold star on top!

Long sleeve T-shirt $20

T-shirts are $20, or I will make an applique and apply it to your item for $10.  Can also be added to any JC Stitches item (dress, burp cloth, onsie, bib) for $10. Send me an email at
I love this applique, also stolen from a picture on Pinterest.  The girl that did the original blog, FrouFrouBritches, put it on a towel and it looks adorable.  I think I will make a set for myself, and for the Christmas gift exchange, too!(Any of you Thomas's/Williams' out there reading this can now have an insight into the game!) I am looking for some pink and green Christmas-y material, too, because I think that would be adorable! I am ready for fall and Christmas now that I have so much made for the seasons. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Witchy Shoes for Halloween Shirts

My girls in their matching shirts!

I totally stole this idea from this blog : FrouFrouBritches where she had put it on a dish towel. I found the picture on Pinterest and then I just drew out a witchy shoe and VOILA! Here you go! I already had all the material, so it was a snap!

Shirts $12 each

Billie and Willy the cat

Sweet Sisters

The girls with Dexter the dog

She is talking to Willie the cat here, so cute!

Harper giving Willy a silly look, she had just pulled his ear pretty hard.

How cute is this one of Billie kissing the top of Harper's head?  She is truly the sweetest 11 year old on the face of the planet!
These Witchy Shoes are so fun! Billie absolutely loves her shirt.  I couldn't find a plain orange shirt or onsie for Harper, so hers ended up just being white, but it is still so cute.  Matt said these reminded him of the Wizard of Oz, so maybe I should have made the shoes more like ruby slippers, I may do that yet, then it could just be a shirt, not only for Halloween! I can put these appliques on anything: dresses, shirts, pants, towels, napkins, pillow cases, even bags for a cute trick-or-treat candy bag! The shirts are $12.00 and I can get orange in 2T and up for sure, but I am still searching for smaller sizes. Anything you want to applique will be $10 if you supply the item, or plus the price of the item if I supply it. To place an order email me at  Special thanks to Bill and Wanda for letting us use their house to take these great pictures! And special thanks to Willy and Dexter, too!

Thanksgiving Napkins

Reversible Napkins just in time for Fall!

Plaids and Pretty Fall Patterns on one side, and Acorns and Leaves on the other side

The napkins are about 14x14, but all are a tiny bit different because they are hand made.

Order a set of 4 for only $12! Or order multiple sets for the perfect Thanksgiving meal!

To order just email me at  You can also visit my Facebook page at : JCSTITCHES 

I had so much fun making these napkins.  This set was actually a birthday gift for my wonderful mother-in-law, Wanda.  Billie helped me pick out the material.  Then after I gave them to her, she so graciously invited us over to her house to photograph them! She had everything all set up when we got there, too!  She is just amazing and I love her so much.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me her for a mother-in-law!  I don't know where or who I would be without her in my life!
Why I didn't take a picture of her with the napkins, I have no idea.  Other than I was in a huge hurry that day, like usual, and the idea just never crossed my mind.  I will have to go take care of that! I can make Christmas napkins, too, or anything you can think of- just send me an email at  All napkins are a set of 4 for $12.