Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas T(ree)-Shirts

Christmas Tree Applique! A whimsical hand made tree from beautiful Christmas material with a sweet hand embroidered gold star on top!

Long sleeve T-shirt $20

T-shirts are $20, or I will make an applique and apply it to your item for $10.  Can also be added to any JC Stitches item (dress, burp cloth, onsie, bib) for $10. Send me an email at crystal@jcstitches.com
I love this applique, also stolen from a picture on Pinterest.  The girl that did the original blog, FrouFrouBritches, put it on a towel and it looks adorable.  I think I will make a set for myself, and for the Christmas gift exchange, too!(Any of you Thomas's/Williams' out there reading this can now have an insight into the game!) I am looking for some pink and green Christmas-y material, too, because I think that would be adorable! I am ready for fall and Christmas now that I have so much made for the seasons. 

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